New Roof/Installation

Time For A New Roof?

Uh-oh – is that a water stain on the ceiling of your office? Have you noticed areas of your roof without shingles? Maybe you have an aging roof that’s 20+ years old. This is the time to contact Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions, serving the greater St. Louis, St. Charles, and central Missouri areas. We’ve been providing experienced, safe, and reliable commercial roofing services for 30 years. Not acting at the first sign of trouble may lead to higher energy bills, pests, roof rot, or even roof collapse.

All Types of Commercial Roofs

Whether your roof is flat, tile, slate, asphalt, Bitumen, shingle, or metal, we can provide a solution for your roofing problems. From brand new roofs to roof restorations, our team will give you a durable, long-lasting roof that keeps your building dry, safe, and energy efficient while looking great.

Begin Your Roofing Project Here

Gateway is a reputable, reliable commercial roofing contractor with in-house installers and licensed technicians. We start every project with a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate. The best part is – if nothing needs to be done there’s no expense. Once we know the extent of the damage, we can supply you with an accurate and fair quote for the necessary roofing services and provide several options that fit your needs and budget. It’s easy to begin your roofing project with us.

Roofing Services

Our Service Area

We are licensed roofing contractors for Missouri and Illinois. We do work within a 150-mile radius of Lake St. Louis, on both sides of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.

Our Certifications

We are certified applicators of the following roof coating manufacturers:

  • Accella
  • American Weather Star
  • Conklin
  • Gaco
  • Lucas
  • GAF

For roofing shingles, we are certified by:

  • GAF
  • Owens Corning
  • IKO
  • Certainteed

Benefits of Gateway

Proper technique is key to the long-term success of any roofing project, especially for complete commercial roof installations. That’s why Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions ensures the roof deck is properly prepared and every nail is driven correctly. From valley to ridge cap and from prep to clean up, Gateway holds itself to a higher standard than other companies.

Roofing can be incredibly dangerous if the project is not carried out properly. As OSHA certified contractors, we know how to secure our equipment properly and keep our roofers and the surrounding area safe. More importantly to you, it’s essential for the safety of your workers that the roof does its job protecting your building.

Minimized downtime
Building maintenance is paramount to keeping your office up and running. Water damage repair, mold, pest extermination, and roof collapse can all lead to expensive repairs. By replacing your faulty roof, you are proactively treating these issues at the source rather than having to react in an emergency situation.

SPF Products

With our leading brand of SPF insulated roofing systems, you can significantly lower your internal heating and cooling costs on your commercial building and protect your roof from future damage. By installing our high-quality Energy Star compliant SPF coatings, we can lower your exterior roof surface temperature by as much as 60°F.

Studies show that performance of our seamless SPF insulation system is superior to other roofing systems. It does not lose effectiveness or leak due to gaps, joints, or mechanical fasteners. And because of its greater energy efficiency, lowered surface temperatures, and lack of waste from roof tear-off when re-roofing, an SPF roofing system may contribute to your LEED design credits. This is one of our most highly recommended roofing systems if you have a flat or metal roof.

High Roofing Standards

We live for the feeling of seeing a job well done. This means using and knowing the proper roofing techniques better than anyone else. It means being up-to-date on fire safety codes and all of the city and county building codes where we provide roofing. And it means knowing what international standards are being recommended by the National Roofing Contractors Association. Our goal is to deliver roofing services and solutions that meet your facility’s needs perfectly. And do it seamlessly.

Free Roofing Quotes

Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions is here to help you with your commercial and residential roofing needs. All of our roofing systems and labor come with lengthy warranties and satisfaction guarantees. Our no-obligation roofing inspections and estimates are free. Call us at 314-328-9672 to find out how we can solve your roofing problems and help you start saving money right away.