Metal Roof Restoration

Restore and Waterproof Metal Roofs

As a homeowner with a metal roof, you may be seeing signs of age like rust or small leaks starting to crop up. And you have most likely discovered how expensive replacing that metal roof is going to be. Did you know there are other superior long-lasting options? Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions, serving the greater St. Louis and St. Charles areas, offers the latest, most cost-effective technology to rehabilitate and improve your metal roof’s performance while saving you money.

Seamless Coating System Solutions

Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions will restore your aging metal roof using Seamless Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation materials. Without the need and expense to remove and discard the old metal roof, we can restore the function of your metal roof, add insulation value, stop leaks and movement caused by temperature fluctuations, and give you a roof that looks like new.

No More Roof Leaks or Heat Exhaust

The Roof-Tek topcoat materials we use have 40 years of research and precision behind their ever-evolving technologies. They are UV light resistant, VOC compliant, and carry CRCC and Energy Star ratings.

Because there are no fasteners or seams, your roof will be leak-proof and sealed for many years to come. The SPF coatings also repel algae and are a preferred choice for being environmentally friendly as they can stop roof tear-off waste and lower the heat on your roof up to 60°.

Our Process

Before a seamless SPF coating can be applied to your metal roof, our expert technicians do a thorough inspection to determine what preparation your roof needs to ensure a successful restoration. Some issues which may need to be addressed include:

  • Rust treatment to ensure proper adhesion
  • Sealing fasteners that are no longer watertight
  • Installation of additional fasteners to close openings
  • Application of tape to reinforce seams and roof flashings

Metal Roof Restoration Benefits

Our SPF restoration system offers you an economical way to restore your metal roof to full functionality with minimal disruption to your home, garage, or outbuilding. The SPF coating forms a strong adhesion to the metal roof, providing wind resistance, insulating properties, and leak-proof assurance.

  • Restore leak-free roof properties
  • Cool roof gives energy advantages
  • Restore wind resistance
  • Treat and control rust
  • Seal seams and flashings
  • Non-intrusive application
  • Improve aesthetics
  • Reduce metal roof movement
  • Repair hail or mechanical damage
  • Limit tear-off and waste generation
  • Sustainable, low life-cycle costs

#1 Roofing Restoration Company in Central Missouri

By contacting Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions, you may never have to replace your metal roof again.  Call us today at 314-328-9672 to discover how we can restore your aging metal roof for much less than the cost of a new roof. Our on-site inspections and estimates are free.