Metal roofing has been increasing in popularity throughout St. Louis recently. And, with its energy efficiency, durability and ease of maintenance, it’s not hard to guess why. Add in the reasonable metal roof cost, and metal roofing is an attractive option for any homeowner. Here are just a few reasons St. Louis homeowners are turning to metal roofing over other roofing options:

  • Aesthetic appeal
    It is a common misconception that St. Louis metal roofing isn’t aesthetically pleasing. In fact, metal roofing can be made to look like almost any other popular roofing material, including slate, shake, asphalt shingles and tile. And, with the wide variety of metal options—zinc, steel and copper roofs—and coating colors, you can create any type of design or look you’d like.
  • Energy efficiency
    Metal roofing has become a popular option in St. Louis because it can drastically reduce energy bills. More than some other roofing options, metal roofing such as copper roofs can, with the right coatings, treatment and insulation, reflect the sun. As such, metal roofs can lower heating prices in the winter and cooling prices in the summer. Metal roofing prices, therefore, can be lower in the long run.
  • Durability
    The national average metal roof cost is about $16,000. Your metal roof cost can vary based on the pitch, or slope, of your roof. Metal roofing prices, however, can be worth the initial investment because they have a lifetime of about 50-70 years or more with proper repair and maintenance. Other roofing materials have a lifespan of about 20-30 years. The initial metal roof cost can be deceiving as this will likely be the first and last roof installation you will have to pay for.
  • Ease of maintenance
    Recent advances in coating and sealant technology has drastically improved the lifetime of metal roofing in St. Louis. When you hear about a metal roof completely rusting through, it is likely an older metal roof that was improperly installed. Reputable roofing companies will be able to install, seal and insulate your St. Louis metal roofing properly, paying special care to flashing, ridges and valleys to prevent leaks and maximize the lifetime of your roof. Moreover, metal shingles and sheets are typically treated and coated in order to prevent rust, minimize UV damage and insulate your home.

While metal roofing can save St. Louis homeowners money in energy bills and maintenance, in order to truly reap the benefits, your roof needs to be installed correctly by a trustworthy St. Louis roofing contractor. Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions, LLC has been installing, maintaining and repairing metal roofing in St. Louis for years. We hold ourselves to a higher standard—that’s why our clients have so many good things to say about us.

Whether you need to maintain your metal roof or install an entirely new one, contact us and schedule an obligation-free consultation.

Metal roofing is a versatile, lightweight material that’s built to last and designed to protect your home. It is 100 percent recyclable and good for the environment, reduces household energy consumption, and provides a high-end look in the style of your choice without spending a fortune.

Metal roofing can last up to four times longer than traditional asphalt shingle roofing. Organic materials like asphalt shingles and wooden shakes start to deteriorate as soon as they are exposed to the weather. But our metal roofing’s superior resistance stands up to the harshest weather conditions—like hail, heavy snow, strong winds, and 130 mph winds. Its incredible resistance paired with a full manufacturer warranty means your home will be sound and secure for years to come. And because our metal roofing protects your home so well, it can even lower the cost of your homeowner’s insurance.

The stylish options in metal roofing come in a variety of textures and colors—including some in Energy Star® rated paints which reflect up to 65 percent of the sun’s solar radiation. This keeps your home cool in the summer, and reduces wasted energy and your utility bills. Some homes cannot stand up to heavy materials like slate and tile, but metal roofing flawlessly mimics these heavier materials with a lifelike appearance. Your options include:

  • Shake—captures the look of wooden shake roofs by replicating the natural coloring and irregularities of real wood.
  • Slate—replicates the look of slate with irregularities like chiseling and cracks found in stone.
  • Tile—comes in eight traditional and contemporary colors to give you the interest and character of tile.
  • Standing seam—showcases the look of a traditional metal roof that is both practical and updated, and comes in 10 different colors.

To learn more about color options based on the style of roof you want, consult our chart below. You can read about ice dams, roof ventilation, and the warranty that comes along with your new installation. Our customers know that Weather Tight is the best choice for home remodeling services—not just because we’re affordable, but because our service is exceptional. We’ve helped over 25,000 happy customers and now it’s your turn. Call today for your free in-home, no-obligation consultation.

Metal Roofing Features

Our metal roofing is not only beautiful, it leads the roofing industry for hail and fire ratings. In climates with extreme weather conditions such as wildfires, snow load, ice dams and wind storms, a solid, weather-resistant roof is a top priority. The strength and practical aspects of metal roofing make it a responsible roofing material choice for any homeowner. A 130-mile-per-hour wind rating means a metal roof is always ready for a strong wind storm. As a fire and damage resistant roofing surface, installation of a metal roof also offers the potential of reduced homeowners insurance costs for the home.

The strength and durability of modern metal roofing means it can last up to four times longer than a traditional asphalt shingle roof. Because they are organic materials, asphalt shingles and wooden shakes begin to deteriorate as soon as they are exposed to the weather. Tile, shake and concrete roofs can crack or warp, especially when exposed to freeze-thaw cycles in four-season climates. Metal roofing eliminates these risks and lasts for many years without signs of wear or failure.

Four Distinct Styles to give your home a great look.

  • Shake
    Our shake roofing shingle styles capture the look of a wooden shake roof. We offer many metal roofing styles that replicate both the natural colors and irregularities of real wood without the maintenance needs and risk of fire. Shadow lines, elevation changes, and other natural features of wood are replicated in our long-lasting metal roofing with a high wind rating and chiseled troughs to allow consistent water flow away from the roof. Choose the “Color Options” tab to the left to see the style and colors.
  • Slate
    As with our shake roofing style, metal roofing can also capture the look of natural slate. The irregularities of stone, chiseling and cracks are all incorporated into the metal roofing design to provide a beautiful roof without the heavy weight of slate. A high wind rating, elevation changes and chiseled troughs add to the functionality and practical applications for this metal roofing material. A variety of five different natural colors are offered.
  • Tile
    The tile roofing style replicates the character and interest of tile without adding a large amount of extra weight to the roof. It is attached with a tongue and groove fit. With eight beautiful colors in both traditional and contemporary hues, our tile metal roofing will compliment many home designs and tastes. Click on the “Color Options” tab to the left to see the variety of color choices.
  • Standing Seam
    This traditional metal roofing look is both practical and updated for modern use. We carry three different panel sizes, with PVDF Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology® paint to offer fade protection and energy conservation. All ten of the color choices are Energy Star® rated, with both sides of these strong 26-gauge panels painted for exceptional weather protection. Click on the “Color Options” tab at the left to choose from our versatile, modern color palette.

As an environmentally friendly roofing product, the longevity of our metal roofing reduces the possibility of landfill waste. Because metal roofing is 100% recyclable, there is no reason for any of this quality roofing material to become waste. Metal roofing is available in 24 Energy Star® rated colors to reduce energy consumption as well. These roofing colors can reflect up to 65% of solar radiation to keep a home cool in the summer. The energy savings provides the benefit of lower utility bills as well.

Weather Tight metal roofing is also recommended for rainwater harvesting, as it is one of the best roofing systems for ensuring safe water that is free from environmental pollutants. Due to waterproofing chemicals, rainwater runoff from asphalt or wooden shake roofing can contain lead and mercury which could make it unsafe for use in the home or garden. Additionally, rainwater runoff that flows into our sewer systems, water aquifers and rivers will have less chance of carrying pollutants when it has come from a metal roof rather than an asphalt shingle roof. Rainwater from metal roofing also contains lower levels of harmful bacteria and dissolved organic carbon.