SPF Roofing

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Are you searching for a way to make your St. Louis or St. Charles area home, garage, workshop, outbuilding, or storage area more energy efficient with lower heating and cooling expenses? With an SPF insulated roof system from the experts at Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions, serving a 150-mile radius of Lake St. Louis, you can lower costs, repair, and protect your flat or metal roof from future damage with the best roof sealant in the industry.

What is SPF?

SPF is an acronym for Seamless Polyurethane Foam, which is a two-component, seamless, “spray-in-place” insulation. It has the most efficient insulating properties available on the market today. The SPF insulation is formed by pumping the two heated components at high pressure through a precisely metered spray gun. Once they are mixed, the liquids immediately expand to about 20 times their original liquid volume, giving you a durable, well-insulated, weatherproof seal over any surface on your flat roof or metal roof.

Superior Roofing Insulation

By installing our Energy Star compliant SPF coating to your roof we can lower your exterior roof surface temperature by as much as 60°F. Studies show that the seamless SPF insulation system performance is superior to other insulating systems, offers an environmentally friendly roof repair, and does not lose effectiveness due to gaps, joints, or mechanical fasteners. The manufacturer that we use is known as the best in the industry with over 40 years of reliability and continued technological advances.

Seamless Means No Leaks

Our SPF insulating foam bonds firmly to itself, providing a seamless insulation system to repair and protect your roof and insulate your home. Multiple layers of SPF can be sprayed in place to achieve the thickness of the insulation needed, each layer bonding with previously sprayed or adjacent layers of SPF. Because it’s seamless and conforms to the shape of the area it’s sprayed on, SPF provides an excellent R-value for insulating your home.

Flashing and roof details are tied-in with this seamless and quick method of installation – and SPF requires no leaky, penetrating fasteners. The most common points of roofing failures are the seams, flashing details, expansion and contraction movement, and the methods of securing the roof deck. Seamless SPF roofing insulation eliminates these problems.

SPF Roofing Insulation Is Safe

SPF roofing insulation and coating systems are fire-rated and fire-resistant, and they comply with the local building code requirements. This superior roofing system is very efficient, simple to design, environmentally friendly, and can offer homeowners significant payback for years to come. Our team at Gateway Environmental has over 30 years in roofing and construction with highly trained, safety-compliant installers and technicians to give you peace of mind before, during, and after your roofing project.

Benefits of Roof-Tek SPF Roofing

  • Proven leak-free performance with 4 decades of system experience
  • Sustainable and long-lasting SPF can be recoated
  • Seamless / self-flashing design
  • Energy savings and payback
  • Fully self-adhered wind uplift resistant
  • No penetrating fasteners
  • Low life-cycle maintenance costs
  • Fast installation with low labor costs
  • Lightweight with no heavy ballast
  • Adds structural integrity
  • Reduces deck movement
  • Applied over most existing roofs with minimal disruption
  • Full system warranties available

Free On-Site Estimates

If you think your flat or metal roof and your bank account could benefit from one of our SPF roofing systems, contact us today. Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions has decades of experience and one of the best customer service records in the central Missouri area. We also offer the best installation and product warranties on the market. So go ahead – contact us now for your no-obligation, free quote and see how we can help with the best roof sealant and restoration in Missouri. 314-328-9672