Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions, LLC has the solution for your roof whether it’s tile, slate, asphalt, shingle or metal. With excellent customer service and experience, we provide high quality residential and commercial roofing services. Call us about your needs for,


                ·       Roofing Maintenance and Repair
                ·       Full Roof Replacement
                ·       Roof Restoration
                ·       Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing
                ·       Seamless Polyurethane Foam Systems
                ·       “Cool” Roofs




 ~ A note from the owner ~

   As the owner of Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions, I set the policies and procedures, along with the prices. Born and raised in St. Louis, I know the St. Louis environment and weather conditions, so I know the best proven materials and products to use.  Also, I offer 25 years of roofing experience to discuss your special roofing needs and offer you the best and most cost-effective solution.  Our competitive pricing is aimed towards saving the customer money, starting with the actual job cost as well as long-term savings on heating and cooling for your building or home..