Masonry Work

Masonry and tuckpointing are skilled trades that should only be performed by professional bricklaying contractors. While brick, stone and terra cotta are highly durable forms of protection for residential and commercial buildings alike, bad workmanship can cause premature failure of any system.

If you’re thinking about having tuckpointing done, or installing any type of masonry, here’s what you need to know:

Brick, stone, concrete and terra cotta masonryd

Masonry can be seen throughout St. Louis in brick, stone and terra cotta varieties. Brick and stone masonry is highly resistant to winds and storms, which are common in St. Louis. And, because brick and stone are great insulators and fire resistant, masonry can be an attractive siding option for many home- and facility-owners.

There are, of course, some drawbacks. Masonry is not a good option for homes or buildings located along fault lines as brick and stone walls have a low oscillation resistance. There are reinforcing techniques to overcome almost all disadvantages of masonry.

The most important factor affecting the longevity of your home or facility’s masonry siding system is the workmanship behind it. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a qualified and experienced bricklaying contractor such as Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions, LLC.

Stone veneer and other light weight masonry options

Brick and stone veneer provides many benefits for buildings and homes: it’s much cheaper than natural stone and weighs significantly less. It is also available in colors that can’t be found in natural stone. Stone veneer’s weight means that no structural support is needed. Stone veneer is almost entirely decorative, and your bricklaying contractor must install a completely watertight house wrap underneath to prevent water damage and rot.

Your bricklaying contractor will be able to install your stone veneer for a beautiful appearance and insulating, watertight protection. They can also guide you toward other materials such as natural thin stone veneer depending on your price and design preferences.

Tuckpointing in St. Louis: Precision by design

Tuck pointing is, by nature, a precision-driven trade. As such, it is important to choose a bricklaying contractor with the right tools and know-how to complete everything from solid tuckpointing, or completely redoing a wall to spot touchups. Tuck pointing is a way of laying mortar using two disparate shades of mortar—one that matches the brick or stone, and one that looks like traditional mortar—that creates the illusion of thin joints.

A highly skilled trade, tuckpointing is often used throughout St. Louis as it will provide an unmatched design aesthetic for your home or facility. First, your bricklaying contractor will buff off all joints until they are at least ½” deep. Then, they will apply the two shades of mortar using tools as thin as 1 mm to create the appearance of fine joints. After cleaning the surface area, your bricklaying contractor might apply siloxane solution for waterproofing and enhanced durability.

Because workmanship can greatly affect the durability and appearance of your brick or stone, choosing the right St. Louis tuckpointing company is crucial. They should not only be skilled, but also quick and reasonably priced.

The value of working with an experienced bricklaying contractor

If you’re considering hiring a residential or commercial masonry expert, don’t forget to schedule a consultation with St. Louis’ commercial roofing experts, Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions, LLC.
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