Asphalt & Bitumen

Bitumen & Asphalt Roofing Contractor

Do your St. Louis or St. Charles area commercial properties have aging asphalt roofs that may be leaking or showing signs of wear? Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions, serving all areas of Central Missouri, can help you extend the life of your asphalt roofs and avoid the expense of replacing them with entirely new roofs.

Poly-Sil Silicone Coatings Restore Your Asphalt Roof

Replacing and continually patching your asphalt or Bitumen roof is labor intensive, costly, environmentally difficult, and completely unnecessary. Gateway Environmental, St. Louis’s #1 preferred roofing contractor, offers a proven Poly-Sil coating system (SPF ) that restores the function and improves the energy efficiency of your Built-Up Roof (BUR) or Modified Bitumen roof, adding years of longevity to your asphalt-based roofing system.

No More Costly Roof Repairs & Patches

Over time, weathering affects all asphalt roofs, causing:

  • Shrinkage
  • Loss of flexibility
  • Surface erosion
  • Increased porosity
  • Leaks and ponding

So why would you want an asphalt repair that would be subject to the same weathering and degradation over time?

At Gateway, our Poly-Sil silicone or SPF coating system is far superior and longer lasting than traditional roofing solutions. Designed to be UV light resistant, Poly-Sil weathers much better than the original asphalt coating, adheres perfectly without flaking or peeling, and resists algae growth. SPF coatings can reduce your roof’s temperature by 60°!

A True Approach to Roof Restoration

To ensure your roof restoration lasts for a long time, we start with a thorough inspection of your asphalt roof to identify the problem areas which need to be addressed before the Poly-Sil coating can be applied. Once we’ve completed the inspection of your roof, our procedure is:

  1. Seal seams and flashings which are no longer watertight.
  2. Reinforce areas where movement is expected using special fabrics and tapes.
  3. Apply one or more base coats to the asphalt to ensure good adhesion and prevent bleed through of asphalt stains.
  4. Apply the Poly-Sil top coat which provides a heat-reflective, weather resistant roof.

Poly-Sil Features & Benefits

  • Seamless – restores leak-free roof
  • Reduction of UV degradation
  • Cool Roof – energy savings
  • Economical – long life-cycle
  • Seals seams and flashings
  • Non-intrusive application
  • Reduce roof stress movement
  • Limit old roof tear-off and waste generation
  • Sustainable with low life-cycle costs

Call Gateway Before You Decide To Replace Your Old Roof

Before you go to the large expense of replacing your current asphalt roof, contact the experts at Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions at 314-328-9672. We offer free inspections and estimates and can determine the best approach for a reliable, long-lasting commercial roof with lower overall costs.