Mansard roofing, a common residential roofing style, is sometimes implemented into commercial buildings for several reasons. It provides space benefits similar to flat roofs, while having a steeper slope for improved drainage. Commercial mansard roofs are used in the design of some buildings to exude an aesthetic of history and elegance.

Commercial mansard installation are four-sided and double-pitched—there is a lower segment of roofing with a steep slope, and an upper segment of roofing with a low slope. Sometimes, there is even a flat roof at the top, which can be protected using common flat roofing membranes or systems. The second, lower-pitched segment often can’t be seen from the front of the building.

Commercial mansard roof installation
For design purposes, there is often a window or dormer protruding from the steep slope portion of the building, which can pose several challenges with commercial mansard roof installation. Your roofing contractor will have to ensure flashing and seams are sealed completely to provide for proper drainage and prevent leaks.Special care must be taken during commercial mansard roof installation, especially if you are building your facility from the ground up. Framing the iconic mansard shape takes skill, and must be done properly by a licensed roofing contractor to ensure it’s long-term effectiveness. Commercial mansard roof repairs to minimize your facility’s downtime so you can get back to work.

Benefits of commercial mansard roofs?
Similar to flat roofs, mansard roofing opens up the usable space, meaning you will be able to put offices or meeting rooms where the attic would traditionally be placed.Another lesser known benefit of commercial mansard roofs is the extra insulation provided by the steep-slope portion of the roof, which can often extend halfway down the front of the building. The shingles—metal, asphalt, cedar, or tile—as well as the underlayment and roofing deck act as an extra wall, which protects your facility against extreme temperatures and keeps your utility bills low.

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