SPF Over Metal

SPF For Long-Term Weather Proofing For Metal Roofs

Do you have a commercial building with an aging metal roof that needs attention? Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions offers an SPF over metal system to take care of the problems encountered with aging metal roofs.

One of the biggest problems with even the highest quality metal roofing is the heat cycling from the weather causes expansion, contraction, and excessive movement of the roof. Over time, this movement can lead to problems that require attention to keep the roof of your facility from leaking. We have a solution!

SPF Seamless Coatings Remain Flexible

To combat your aging metal roof issues, Gateway uses coatings that are elastomeric, meaning they remain flexible with changes in temperature. Our high-performance Seamless Polyurethane Foam (SPF) system protects your roof from weather, extreme hot and cold, and has no joints or fasteners to ever leak.

Additional long-term roof protection is gained by applying a UV-resistant top layer of silicone, acrylic, or urethane.

Movement Damages Metal Roofs

Movement from expansion and contraction can tear apart your metal roof. It stresses seams, fatigues the fasteners, and causes seals and flashing to fail. By insulating your metal roof from the top with SPF, expansion and contraction are reduced. The panels are strengthened by the full adhesion of the rigid, higher-density, spray foam insulation. All fasteners and flashings are resealed with the seamless SPF insulation material, ensuring no leaking from those areas again and giving you the highest quality guarantee for your metal roof.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Another advantage to SPF roofing insulation systems is that they can be easily recoated years dwon the line with low cost and no wasted materials. This reduces the expense of maintaining your commercial property.

  • The urethane foam fully bonds and adheres to the metal roof, offering excellent resistance to wind damage, temperature fluctuations, and water damage.
  • There is no need to use the thousands of penetrating fasteners other re-cover systems require.
  • If rust has started on your roof, the SPF system will seal the metal from the conditions that cause rust.
  • SPF controls expansion and contraction movement that tears apart the metal panels.
  • Our SPF system offers superior insulating properties to reduce heating and cooling costs.

SPF Lowers Heating and Cooling Costs

In addition to weatherproofing your roof, the SPF system adds insulation R-value to your building. We find that in many buildings the amount of insulation originally used was below current design standards. This can cause your facility to be very uncomfortable and very expensive to heat and cool. By applying the SPF system to your metal roof, we can help you reduce the heating and cooling costs for your business and lower the external temperature of your metal roof by as much as 60°.

Fix Your Metal Roof Today

Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions can improve the condition of your metal roof and save your company money. For the highest quality roofing products and expert installation, call us at 314-328-9672 and schedule your free evaluation and estimate.