Important considerations for fascia installations and repairs

Your home or commercial facility’s eaves are comprised of two components: the soffit, or underside of the eave, and the fascias, or the front-facing boards. The soffit, along with the fascias and guttering, serve to protect roof, roof deck and attic from collecting excess moisture, which can lead to rot and premature failure.

If it’s time for a fascia repair or fascia board replacement, then here’s what you need to know about choosing a material and roofing contractor:

Fascia board replacement material options

Most commonly, fascia installation is done with materials such as aluminum or wood. These materials, however, are subject to corrosion or rot if coatings or paints aren’t dutifully maintained. Rust-proof coatings or water-proof sealant paints go a long way in lengthening the service life of your fascia installation. PVC and fiber cement are also popular options for their water- and rust-proof qualities.

Your siding or roofing contractor will be able to guide you toward the best fascia board replacement material for your facility or home.

Fascia repair and fascia installation

It is often hard to spot rot in your fascia, as the places most vulnerable to water buildup are hidden—the underside of fascia boards and where the board meets the rafters. Once fascia and guttering systems have started to rot, though, it can spread quickly to the sheathing, roof deck and roofing system. When caught early, rot found on the underside of a fascia board can easily be fixed with a little epoxy filler and another coat of paint or sealant.

If, however, you don’t keep up with fascia repairs, you might need a complete fascia board replacement. This will require removing the gutters, prying or sawing—with a reciprocal saw, not a circular saw—the rotting section. Then, your roofing contractor will cut a new fascia board so it will fit precisely into the place of the old board. To prevent future rot, your roofing contractor will coat the board with a weatherproof coating appropriate for your fascia material—a waterproof sealant for wood, rust-proof coating for aluminum, etc.

The key to a long-lasting soffit, fascia and gutter system is, of course, choosing an experienced roofing contractor. They will conduct fascia installations and fascia repairs that last. And, they will develop a preventative maintenance plan for your home or facility’s roofing system to prevent premature failure, including gutter system cleanings, which double as a fascia and soffit inspection.

Choosing a qualified fascia repair contractor

An experienced roofing contractor will be able to develop a preventative maintenance plan for your roofing system which will include fascia repair. They will work with you to maintain the structural integrity of your overall roofing system, keeping your home or facility up and running.

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