Gable roofs are possibly the simplest roofing shape: two sloped sides that come together at the ridge, with a gable at each side. The slope at each side aids in allowing moisture to run off quickly. And, there are many design configurations available through cross gable roofs—two gable roof segments coming together at a right angle—or blending gable roof constructions with other types of roof constructions.

As with all roof shapes, there are many pros—and cons—to gable and cross gable roofs. An experienced roofing contractor will be able to mitigate the ”cons” while maximizing the value of the ”pros.”

Whether you’re looking to build, install or repair a gable or cross gable roof, here’s what you need to know:

  • Proper gable roof framing and construction counts??
    Planning and executing gable roof construction is paramount to its success when finished. In tornado-prone areas such as Missouri, for instance, gable roofs need to be very securely braced, with little overhang. High winds have the capability to rip gable roofs from the walls—this possibility is heightened if an unqualified roofing contractor doesn’t use the right bracing techniques.Gable roof framing is also extraordinarily important for the structural integrity of your home. Incorrect framing can lead to total roof collapse. This is why it’s so important to choose a roofing contractor dedicated to technique. Choosing the right experienced contractor ensures your roof will be in working order for years to come.
  • The design is simple, but effective
    Since the gable roof design is so simple, it is often extremely cost effective to frame and construct. And what you save in money you certainly don’t skimp on in value—gable roof construction is designed to shed water and snow quickly. In fact, the steep slopes are perfect for snowy areas such as St. Louis, as large amounts of snow can’t pile onto your roof and threaten a collapse.

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