Over 20 years of experience show Poly-Sil delivers effective weather sealing or restoration for the majority of roofing substrates. Good candidates for restoration include:

  • Single plies (EPDM, PVC, TPO, Hypalon)
  • Asphalt/modified bitumen
  • Metal
  • Concrete


Save money by restoring rather than replacing an entire roof.

  • Extend your roof’s lifespan
  • Reduce labor and material costs
  • Minimize disruption for building occupants
  • Comply with building codes that generally don’t allow a third roof system


Air conditioning is your building’s most expensive environmental control.
A coated roof is a cool roof, with these benefits:

  • Rooftop A/C units take in cooler air, for more efficient operation
  • Ductwork beneath the roof stays cooler, further increasing energy efficiency


With minimal tear-off, less waste goes to landfills—and more money stays in your pocket. Silicone coatings are renewable and can be VOC-compliant. Cool roof technology further enhances sustainability by reducing urban heat islands.


Poly-Sil single-ply silicone coatings are known for superior weathering and water resistance.

  • Long-lasting, breathable membrane
  • Seamless coating resists UV and ponding water
  • Inorganic material does not support algae growth
  • CFS system warranties ensure satisfaction

Metal roofs experience excessive movement due to heat cycling - expansion with warming and contraction with cooling. Metal roofs and buildings frequently have additional movement from their light-weight structural design. In many buildings the amount of insulation is below the current design standard, causing these buildings to be very uncomfortable and very expensive to heat and cool.

The most common points of roofing failures are seams, flashing details, expansion & contraction movements, and the methods of securing the roof deck – all are uniquely addresse by the features found in SPF roofs. Sufficient roofing insulation will make your building more comfortable and will control the cost of heating and cooling cycles. The environment can also benefit from better roof insulation and from the cooling and reflective roof coatings used to protect the SPF.

The application of a protective coating system can restore the function and appearance of sloped metal roof systems. As all metal roofs age, the results of weathering may include open seams, loose fasteners, weak flashings, eroded surfaces, and missing gaskets and seals. Expansion and contraction, due to the heating and cooling, of the roof adds to these problems. In many environments Cool Roof Technology – Reflective Coatings may assist in controlling roof movement.

The application of the proper coating system can restore the function and extend the longevity of asphaltic-based roofing systems for many years. Smooth BUR’s and all Modified Bitumen roofs are great coating candidates. With current budget pressures, proper coating makes sound economic sense. As all roofs age, the effects of weathering will include loss of flexibility, shrinkage, eroded surfaces and increased porosity.