Coating Systems to Restore and Waterproof Metal Roofs

13 6This metal, panel roof has been renewed with a sustainable, elastomeric coating system, MMR - Metal Roof Restoration.

The application of a protective coating system can restore the function and appearance of sloped metal roof systems. As all metal roofs age, the results of weathering may include open seams, loose fasteners, weak flashings, eroded surfaces, and missing gaskets and seals. Expansion and contraction, due to the heating and cooling, of the roof adds to these problems. In many environments Cool Roof Technology – Reflective Coatings may assist in controlling roof movement. Coating & Foam Solutions has developed the coatings and the technology to rehabilitate your metal roofs: MRR – Metal Roof Restoration.

14 1The metal roof of this DOT Building, approx. 20 years old, has been renewed with the MRR System from Roof- Tek®. The leaks have stopped, and the entire building looks like new.

A Systems Approach must be considered when restoring metal roofs. Most often numerous problems or deficiencies are found upon a thorough review of the roof. Primers and preparation of the surface may be required after inspection to increase adhesion or to treat rust. Sealants may be used to seal fasteners that are no longer watertight. Additional fasteners may be required to close-up openings or to insure wind uplift properties are as designed. Fabrics and tapes are required to reinforce the coating in areas of expected movement, such as seams or roof flashings. After this process, multiple applications of elastomeric coatings are applied to further seal and weatherize the roof. UV resistant and stable coatings offer long-term performance. CFS manufactures Roof-Tek® acrylic and silicone coatings and accessories with over two decades of proven field performance.

16An existing metal roof can be made to look and perform like new; rust, leaking seams and fasteners will be repaired before the application of attractive, new topcoats.

Application of seamless coating is a sustainable approach to roof restoration. No roof materials will be need to be discarded, coating materials are either No VOC or VOC compliant, Roof- Tek® white top coats carry CRCC and Energy Star© ratings and may help to cool the building. A properly coated roof can be easily re-coated in the future for on-going savings.

15 1The MRR Metal Roof Restoration System incorporates primers for enhanced adhesion, and the control of rust. Fasteners will be added and /or sealed. Also sealants, mastics, and self-adhering, or woven reinforcement fabrics will be used to waterproof the joints and seams in the metal system. MRR is not just a paint job, but a complete and comprehensive system.

Other options to repair and cover a metal roof may be extremely costly, or complicated and very disruptive to building occupants. Installation of a single-ply membrane, or another layer of metal over the existing roof may present very difficult methods of attachment, and could have little resistance to strong wind conditions.

Some roof deficiencies such as severe or structural rust, or a lack of insulation - with a condensation problem may not be solved by the MRR System.