The Roof-Tek® product line has decades of experience with the restoration of metal roofing and metal building components. Our systems offer numerous benefits to the building owner, ones that can actually make a pre-engineered metal roof better than the original design.

Metal roofs experience excessive movement due to heat cycling - expansion with warming and contraction with cooling. Metal roofs and buildings frequently have additional movement from their light-weight structural design. In many buildings the amount of insulation is below the current design standard, causing these buildings to be very uncomfortable and very expensive to heat and cool.

With the construction of numerous metal buildings and metal roofs in the 80’s and 90’s, many owners have facilities now developing problems and requiring attention. Roof-Tek’s SPF over metal system is the answer. Coating & Foam Solutions, LLC supplies the Roof-Tek coatings and insulation materials.


8SPF insulated roof system installed over an existing, pre-engineered metal panel roof.

Roof-Tek SPF over metal has the longevity that an owner desires, and these systems have 30 years of proven performance. The seamless spray foam insulation has no joints or fasteners to ever leak. And offering additional protection is the liquid applied membrane, which can be silicone, acrylic or urethane. All Roof-Tek coatings are elastomeric and are suitable for various climates. Silicones have been used extensively and offer superior resistance to UV. Our coating systems are sustainable, and in the future they can be simply and easily recoated, with low cost and no wasted materials. The materials are fully bonded and adhered to the metal substrate, so they offer excellent resistance to wind damage. And they perform without the thousands of penetrating fasteners other recover systems require. If rust has started on the roofs, these systems will seal the metal from the conditions that cause rust.


10Self-flashing and insulated, SPF will solve complex building problems.

Movement can tear apart a metal roof, stressing seams, fatiguing fasteners and causing seals and flashings to fail, the superior insulating properties of the SPF will control this movement. By insulating metal roofs from the top side, expansion and contraction are reduced; also the panels are strengthened by the full adhesion of the rigid, higher-density, spray foam insulation. All fasteners and flashings are resealed with the seamless SPF.


Reduced energy consumption and efficient control of building temperature are a benefit of added insulation. The economic payback from the SPF insulation, in a metal building application, may occur in just a few years, so the new roof can actually pay for itself. Many metal roofs also have interior condensation issues, applying only a coating, or another metal skin will not control moisture and condensation as the SPF can. Problems from ice build-up and back-ups can also be eliminated.

Additional Savings

11The SPF creates a non-penetrating, seamless insulation blanket, this prevents the movement that can tear apart metal roofs. The SPF is then protected with an elastomeric coating.

The removal of the old roof, or adding a roof structure over the current roof, will add tremendous cost to the project. This can also risk the building’s interior and contents to exposure, leaks and potentially costly damage. The application of a SPF and coating system can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of metal replacement.
The insulated roof will make the building more comfortable and efficient as the facility energy cost will be lowered. Also roof surface temperatures can be lowered by 60˚F, by installing a reflective, Energy-Star© rated coating, such as Roof-Tek’s Poly-Sil and Acry-Tek.

With greater energy efficiency, lowered surface temperatures, eliminating waste from roof tear-off, and compact and efficient product transport, the SPF System may contribute toward LEED design credits.

Before an installation you need to evaluate the condition of the current roofing system/metal. If there are leaks, determine why they occur. If you are not able to thoroughly investigate these conditions and determine corrective action, hire a professional to perform a complete evaluation.

The SPF System is very efficient, environmentally sound, and can offer building owners significant saving and payback.

The Roof-Tek coated SPF systems have many credentials and ratings. Please inquire regarding individual details.