Roof-Tek SPF Roofing

Roofs are expected to be leak-free, protecting the building and its contents for many years. Roofs are also now expected to add to the energy efficiency of the building envelope and be sustainable - prolonging the life of the precious material resources used in the roofing structure. Our SPF Roofing systems offer these features and numerous other benefits to the building owner.

4Simple flashing details seal difficult roof penetrations

The most common points of roofing failures are seams, flashing details, expansion & contraction movements, and the methods of securing the roof deck – all are uniquely addresse by the features found in SPF roofs. Sufficient roofing insulation will make your building more comfortable and will control the cost of heating and cooling cycles. The environment can also benefit from better roof insulation and from the cooling and reflective roof coatings used to protect the SPF. Coating & Foam Solutions, LLC. Offers a complete line of Roof-Tek roof coatings in addition to their seamless polyurethane foam (SPF) roof and wall insulation materials.

What is SPF?

SPF is a seamless, “spray-in-place” insulation that is rigid, closed-cell, plastic foam. It has the most efficient insulating properties available. A monolithic insulation is formed through the mixing of an Iso or ‘A’ component and a special resin blend ‘B’ component. Heated materials are pumped at high pressures through precisely metered plural-component equipment and blended right at a spray gun. The liquids, once mixed, immediately expand to approximately 20 times their original liquid volume.

7SPF Roofs are Seamless


SPF materials bond tenaciously to themselves and thus there are no joints or seams. Multiple layers of SPF can be sprayed in place to achieve the specified thickness of insulation, each becoming homogenous with previously sprayed or adjacent layers of SPF. Flashing and roof details are tied-in with this seamless and quick method of installation – and SPF requires no leaky, penetrating fasteners.


The SPF roofing insulation and coating system is fire-rated and fire-resistant, and complies with local building code requirements. With materials completely bonded to the construction substrate, a highly wind resistant roofing system is installed.

Additional SPF can be applied in low areas to improve the roof’s slope-to-drain characteristics. This is essential for the elimination of heavy, ponding water situations on your roof’s surface. Additional weather protection is offered by a liquid-applied and UV-resistant topcoat or seamlessly installed membrane. These are typically silicones, acrylics or urethanes. All Roof-Tek coatings are elastomeric, meaning they are suitable for various climatic conditions.

6SPF roofs can simply solve many complex flashing details. Insulation is added to improve energy efficiency and savings.

Energy Savings and Sustainability

With and SPF insulated roof, internal heating and cooling energy costs will be lowered. This makes the building more comfortable and efficient. Exterior roof surface temperatures can also be lowered (by as much as 60°F) when a reflective, Energy Star compliant coating is installed. Roof-Tek’s Poly-Sil and Acry-Tek coating lines offer Energy Star ratings.

5Sustainable – This roof was recoated after nearly 20 years of service with Poly-Sil silicone, and a new warranty was issued.

Various studies have shown the superior performance of the seamless SPF insulation system. Other roofing systems lose their effectiveness due to gaps, joints and mechanical fasteners. With greater energy efficiency, lowered surface temperatures, the elimination of waste from roof tear-off (when re-roofing) and its efficient product transport, the SPF Roofing system may contribute toward LEED design credits.

The SPF Roof System is very efficient, simple to design, environmentally friendly and can offer building owners significant payback for years to come.

The Roof-Tek coated SPF systems have many credentials and ratings. Please inquire regarding individual details.