Commercial shake roofs are used on large and small commercial buildings for their effectiveness, durability, as well as their rustic and natural look. The inherent qualities of cedar shakes, along with dutiful commercial shake roof installation by a skilled roofing contractor, make for a durable and strong roofing system for commercial applications.

Here are several things about commercial shake roof installation before hiring a roofing contractor:

Natural weather and temperature resistant
In nature, wood is a natural insulator, protecting trees from harsh environmental conditions everywhere from the desert to the the tundra. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that shakes—most commonly made from red cedar—are used in commercial roofing systems for their durability and weatherability. Naturally occurring oils within shakes help commercial shake roofs resist decay. Using flashing, valley and ridge materials such as copper and zinc can compound this natural quality. Runoff water will pick up trace amounts of zinc or copper—which can help control moss growth—and then flow over the entirety of the roofing plane. Installing metal drip edges can also mitigate the effects of excessive rainfall or ice damming.The natural qualities of cedar, combined with proper commercial shake roof installation by an experienced roofing contractor, make commercial shake roofs a great roofing option for commercial applications.

Energy efficiency qualities?
Energy efficiency is the word of the day and, if you’re trying to earn an Energy Star or LEED certification, it’s integrated into every facet of your building. The USGBC recently rolled out its latest LEED certification—LEED v4—and it emphasizes the use of sustainable materials much more than previous iterations.Using sustainably sourced shakes in your commercial shake roof installation can contribute credits toward LEED v4 certification. Moreover, commercial shake roofs are biodegradable, meaning shakes won’t end up in a landfill at the end of their service life. And, because commercial shake roofs naturally insulate your building, they can keep extreme temperatures out, promoting energy efficiently throughout your facility. Commercial shake roofs are both environmentally responsible and cost-effective in the long-term.

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